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Before moving to another country, expats should weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of living in Kazakhstan to guarantee that movement is the correct choice for them. Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, is obscure to numerous expats. For quite a long time it was in the shadow of its ancestor, however it has developed and always corporate central station, consulates and consular administrations are moving north to Astana. A brisk Internet pursuit will disclose that it's the world's second coldest capital city, however how is life truly for expats in Kazakhstan? The following is an outline of the points of interest and inconveniences of living in Kazakhstan. It makes particular references to life in Astana, which is the place most expats are based, yet the data likewise applies to the nation all in all.

School and education in Kazakhstan:

There is a developing scope of universal tutoring alternatives in Astana. These incorporate Turkish school, Nuroda, a British Independent School called Haileybury QSI American International and Astana School. Nearby schools are great yet are for neighborhood understudies as it were.

Pros: Expanding decision of universal schools

prosThe universal schools tend to select their instructors from abroad. Understudies at Haileybury concentrate the British educational programs while those at QSI and Miras concentrate under the American framework. This implies it is feasible for families to remain together in Astana without the requirement for life experience schools.

Cons: Constrained space in worldwide schools

consThe global schools are exceptionally prominent, with local people and also ostracizes, so space is constrained and there is regularly a holding up rundown. It is shrewd to contact the schools as ahead of schedule as could reasonably be expected to hold a place.

Health Care in Kazakhstan:

Pros: International medicinal scope

prosMost expats in Astana have medicinal scope gave by their administrator.

prosThe home protection office will have a relationship with a specific focus that will urge access to neighborhood health care.

Cons: Most therapeutic care happens abroad

consThe President’s Hospital and the Mother and Child Hospital and get incredible reports.

consProsperity underwriters and neighborhood accessory will empower GP organizations, triage and emergency treatment in Astana yet they are presumably going to send expats, by either business flight or medieval, abroad for more authentic matters.

consThe closest concentrations of remedial splendor are Frankfurt and Istanbul. Banishes who have been sent to specialist's offices there give incredible reports.

Shopping and life style in Kazakhstan:

It's normal for expats to stress over the winter temperatures, yet Astana is all around outfitted to manage this and the vast majority discover it a simple city to live in, with a lot of alternatives for mingling.

Pros: Growing social scene

prosThere is an extensive variety of shows, plays, ballet performances and carnivals accessible in the city, all at great costs. In spite of the fact that the quality is not generally the most elevated, expats shouldn't be adhered for something to see.

prosThe city's eatery scene is additionally creating and new offerings open each month, with a decent scope of value nourishment to suit fog spending plans.

Cons: Isolation

consAstana is far from anyplace else. Borovoye – the closest lake resort is a 250km drive or a three-hour prepare travel away.

consAstana has a predetermined number of non-stop flights, so to go to most goals expats should exchange through a center, for example, Kiev, Vienna, Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt or Moscow.

Well being in Kazakhstan:

Kazakhstan is for the most part very protected, particularly if expats practice the fundamental level of alert. Driving in Kazakhstan can challenge and those that have no experience driving amid a Kazakh winter ought to be additional cautious.

Pros: Low wrongdoing rates

prosAstana is an exceptionally safe place with low levels of unimportant wrongdoing, and even lower levels of genuine crime. The new town focus is sheltered to stroll through until late during the evening, notwithstanding for a lady alone.

Cons: Hazardous driving conditions

consAstana's street system is new and very much kept up, and snow is cleared nearly when it falls, with furrows working on a 24-hour premise all through winter. While autos are required to pass a yearly check and to utilize winter tires amid the snow, not all drivers do this. Path teaches are another liquid idea and numerous drivers utilized their hooter or horn rather than markers.

consMost exiles have the utilization of an organization auto and driver, however many still drive themselves. The transport system is broad and shoddy, and it is straightforward, sheltered and adequate to hitch a ride in a "rover" taxicab. Appropriate taxicabs are more costly and not generally simple to arrange.


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