Investment Opportunities in Kazakhstan

investment opportunities

Kazakhstan is offering a number of lucrative investment opportunities under its plan to privatize 106 companies under the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Kazakhstan. Samruk Kazyna invited investors both local and foreign to buy shares in the 106 companies that are part of the second phase of the privatization scheme. This is a continuation of what was started in the 1990s when the country was trying to introduce a free market economy.

The government had tried to run these companies on its own as it created an open market economy but it has since run into hurdles like lack of enough funding to fully capitalize the enterprises as well as the technical know-how. This has prompted Samruk Kazyna to invite investors to buy shares and help in the management and capitalization of the enterprises.

Business Areas In Kazakhstan


Advancement has been a champion among the most promising business areas for outside firms entering Kazakhstan in light of the country's lacking physical establishment. Kazakhstan especially needs a present day national transportation sort out that will relate its major fiscal core interests. Also, Kazakhstan's geographical remoteness from the world markets addresses a hindrance for the country to frame into a key financial power in the area. In this way, one of the objectives of the Kazakh government is to make the past capital, Almighty, the fiscal and cash related point of convergence of Central Asia within the near future. With a particular ultimate objective to accomplish this objective, Almighty should be associated not simply to the Kazakh oil fields in the Caspian Sea locale moreover to the following genuine urban groups in the neighboring countries. Hence, improvement wanders which hope to collect bleeding edge roadways and railroads will get the opportunity to be particularly important to Kazakhstan's incite progression. Also, advancement of pipelines that would pass on Kazakh oil to world markets has furthermore ascended as another business open entryway for outside firms.

Kazakhstan's Developing Economy

developing economy Kazakhstan

U.S, Russia, U.K., Turkey, Ukraine and China are the major trading partners of Kazakhstan. The major exports includes, nonferrous and ferrous metals, oil, chemicals, grain, coal, machinery, wool and meat while major imports of Kazakhstan includes are parts and machinery, gas, vehicles and industrial materials. Kazakhstan has a land locale comparable to that of Western Europe anyway a standout among the most decreased people densities comprehensive. Intentionally, it interfaces gigantic and rapidly creating markets of South Asia and china and those of Russia and Western Europe by rail, road and a port on Caspian Sea. The country's exhibited oil stores are ninth greatest on the planet and hydrocarbon yield was what should be called just about 18% of GDP and around 60% of charges in 2015. Since 2002, GDP per capita has raised six fold and the event of desperation has fallen mightily.

Kazakhstan's more broadened term change course of action test is to change its improvement show a long way from reliance on trademark resource extraction toward a more extended, centered economy. Dynamic progression procedures, including Kazakhstan 2050, have all gotten a handle on this target, money related expanding has in assurance showed hard to fulfill, especially up until mid-2014, when oil expenses were high. Despite progress toward a more clear, not so tremendously coordinated, but instead more market-driven business environment, there continue being goals related to organization, structure, associations, theory climate, oversee of law, and low helpers for enthusiasm for physical capital and new developments.

Kazakhstan's guideline transient money related methodology test is to adjust to new reality of slower improvement and lower compensation for not all that removed future. This will include convincing measures to brace the viability of macroeconomic framework and what's more movement to guarantee unprotected.

Moving to Kazakhstan: Pros and Cons

education in Kazakhstan

Before moving to another country, expats should weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of living in Kazakhstan to guarantee that movement is the correct choice for them. Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, is obscure to numerous expats. For quite a long time it was in the shadow of its ancestor, however it has developed and always corporate central station, consulates and consular administrations are moving north to Astana. A brisk Internet pursuit will disclose that it's the world's second coldest capital city, however how is life truly for expats in Kazakhstan? The following is an outline of the points of interest and inconveniences of living in Kazakhstan. It makes particular references to life in Astana, which is the place most expats are based, yet the data likewise applies to the nation all in all.

School and education in Kazakhstan:

There is a developing scope of universal tutoring alternatives in Astana. These incorporate Turkish school, Nuroda, a British Independent School called Haileybury QSI American International and Astana School. Nearby schools are great yet are for neighborhood understudies as it were.

Pros: Expanding decision of universal schools

prosThe universal schools tend to select their instructors from abroad. Understudies at Haileybury concentrate the British educational programs while those at QSI and Miras concentrate under the American framework. This implies it is feasible for families to remain together in Astana without the requirement for life experience schools.

Cons: Constrained space in worldwide schools

consThe global schools are exceptionally prominent, with local people and also ostracizes, so space is constrained and there is regularly a holding up rundown. It is shrewd to contact the schools as ahead of schedule as could reasonably be expected to hold a place.


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